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Referral Partner

Thank you for your interest in our Referral Program! I launched Lamplighter Marketing to help businesses reach new audiences and lead ideal customers through their doors (whether that be a virtual storefront or a brick n mortar location). I’m so excited that you not only want to help me grow this agency, but that you trust my team and I to consistently provide high-quality deliverables and results for our clients!

I created this program to be a win-win for everyone. My team and I get to work with other passionate business owners to grow their brands and gain new customers – and our favorite people get to increase their passive income by connecting us with other cool and like-minded professionals.

Earn 10% for each referral.
Any contract. Any length.

How the Program Works

  The program is simple: for each referral that converts into a paying client, you’ll receive 10% of their contracted (aka “paying”) price. If it’s a short-term project, you’ll receive the 10% after project completion. If it’s a retainer service, you’ll get 10% of their monthly contract price paid to you every single month for the term of contract. In addition to our normal program commission, we sometimes run seasonal opportunities that include higher commission, small gifts, or discounted services for your own business. As an official Referral Partner, you’ll be the first to hear about these seasonal opportunities! Currently, we’re sending all new referral partners a special gift if we receive a referral from them within 7 days of becoming an official referral partner!

How to get started:

  • Fill out fill the signup form below
  • Complete our Referral Partner Agreement
  • Download the program swipe files
  • Get the word out however you prefer (email, word-of-mouth, social media, casual text, coffee chat, etc.)
  • Have your referral put your name in our contact or enrollment forms (this field is on all our forms)
  • Do a jig and look forward to a bunch of satisfied friends

When you refer a client to me, the services we provide to them will help them:

  •  Understand their ideal audiences and customers
  • Develop a key phrasing and messaging library that they can use for other marketing endeavors
  • Attract new customers, especially from target markets they haven’t been able to attract previously
  • Create lasting relationships with all their past and current customers, so that the same customers keep coming back
  • Gain loyal followers and people who enjoy interacting with their brand
  • Receive higher engagement on their social media accounts
  • They may even sleep easier at night because they either a) know exactly how to reach their customers and have an action plan and timeline for meeting their goals, or b) know that our team is handling getting new customers in front of their products and into their stores!

To make this even easier,

I’ll provide you with a number of pre-made swipe files: social media graphics, post captions, & an email template that you can use for a variety of channels!

Beyond the money,

You’ll be giving your clients, colleagues, and friends the gift of new revenue streams, steadier business growth, and better relationships with their customers.

If you’d like to give your colleagues and friends these invaluable gifts, and bring in a little extra dough on the side, complete the form to the right so I can send you our affiliate agreement and get you started!

Fill out the signup form, then head over to your inbox to sign our affiliate agreement – plus learn how you can earn your special “first referral” thank you gift!
Chat soon,

Rachel Greeno

Sen. Account Manager & Ad Strategist