It’s Time For Your Content To

Resonate With Your Customers

Get super clear on who your ideal audience is & how to convert them.

Get clarity with your brand,

audiences, messaging, & ads now.

Banish Content Blah With Trending Social Media Marketing Strategies and Killer Zombie Frogs*.

Identify your own unique content strategy & make your content great again!

Speak Directly To Your Ideal Audiences and Stop Feeding the Social Media Pit Monster.

Become a customer whisperer and finally convert that stubborn buyer you’ve been struggling to reach.

Stop Making The Same Old Ad Mistakes.

Target outrageously qualified buyers & control your ad costs with tried & tested strategies and validated funnels.

A few brands we’ve worked with:

Are you ready to create awesome, magnetic content that results in an audience that buys

again and again?

Struggle Bussing is sooo 2020. We’ve helped multiple eCommerce, product-based, and food & beverage brands attract their ideal customers and obtain higher-dollar, predictable sales.

We’re here for the businesses who want their products to finally attract their ideal customers, and are tired of casting post after post into the social media pit and getting lackluster results in return. You’ve put in the time, effort, and sacrifice – it’s time for your brand to start putting in the overtime so you don’t have to!

This is your not-so-subtle nudge that it’s time to change up your strategy.

Thank you, Rachel, for working with us as we opened our Mellow Mushroom! Your role with our opening and social media played a huge part in our success!

Tammi Hilton, Mellow Mushroom


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Content & Messaging Strategies

Don’t start creating content or ads without developing a clear and organized content and messaging strategy first. We create complex, integrated plans for all your social platforms and digital efforts. Let us cut through the chaos – and for heaven’s sake, make sure you’re not using a posting strategy based on last week’s Tiktok trends.

Done-In-Day Workshops & Intensives

Yes, we said it. It IS possible to have a custom strategy handed to you in a day, your ideal customers developed in an afternoon, or your foundational brand messaging hammered out over coffee and scones. Regardless, you’ll thank your stars you took the shorter road, and might even end up spoiled from all the attention we gave you during our day together.

Ad Management & Pay-Per-Click

Don’t understand why some ads convert and other ads are dead on arrival? We take the guesswork out of running ad campaigns with customized strategies and a tiny, but mighty, team of strategists who’s primary source of joy is making sure your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google, YouTube and Tiktok ad campaigns are at their peak performance.

Organic Social Media Management

You need more than great ads and a good website to succeed online in 2021. Most social media platforms reward brands that post consistent organic content. Help support your ad campaigns by posting regularly and strategically + get other perks like increased brand awareness, a beefed up online reputation, and better clout on Google.

Consulting & Coaching

No more guess work, wasted labor hours, or wishing you could afford to hire an expert! We provide high-level consulting and coaching for both large and small teams. Schedule a single, focused training – or hire us for ongoing guidance for your ads, social media strategies, or sales funnels. 

How to work with us

Book a free, no-pressure Discovery Call with us and tell us all your woes. We don’t charge extra if you just want to vent…

On our call, we’ll help you choose the best service for your budget and goals, whether that means your team will be implementing, or ours will.

You’ll sign our Service Agreement & make the 1st payment, and our team will start work immediately!

How we differ: short & sweet

We’re not going to lie: we’re not that slick, we’re just fun to hang around. And we happen to know a lot about marketing strategy.

Planning & Strategy

We do a deep dive into the why’s, what’s, how’s, and who’s surrounding your brand at the beginning of every single relationship, whether for consulting or retainer work.

PR & General Marketing

Our owner and Senior Content Strategist, Rachel Greeno, has a background in public relations, product launches, and general marketing. She has great hair and she knows things.

eCommerce Focus

Our clientele is 80% eCommerce focused. Most of our clients have both physical and online stores, and our copywriters and ad strategists have experience selling both high and low-ticket products.

Done In A Day Services

Short turnaround, 0-60 accelerated marketing when you need it most. Easy, peasy bookings and clear instructions leading up to your day make getting work done a breeze.

Huge, angry zombie cats

We’re kidding, we don’t have those. We’re dog people, honestly. Just wanted to see if you’re paying attention.

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Google, YouTube

Facebook & Instagram marketers are a dime a dozen. Boutique agencies that are experienced in multiple platforms are harder to come by. We’re a verified Pinterest Partner and have been certified in Facebook & Instagram ads and Google Ads.

So. Our primary service offering style is a VIP Day

What the heck does that mean, you might be wondering?

A VIP Day is a one-day service where you get a whole 9-5 of focused attention from one our Content or Ad Strategists, as they guide you through the titillating process of discovering your ideal customers, building a social media strategy, perfecting your brand messaging, or creating a killer ad funnel for your products or services. They’re the quintessential opportunity to knock back a few (espresso) shots and tackle the key social media components that fall outside your realm of genius.


you’re accomplishing your social media marketing to-do list in one day, so it doesn’t get much better than that!

Kind words from our favorite customers

"Our social media presence was almost non-existent before Lamplighter Marketing took over our Facebook page, and we weren't sure if ads were actually going to work for us. Rachel breathed new life into our social media and was able to grow our page where growth had been stagnant before. We also got great KPIs and results from our ad campaigns. Really happy with Rachel's work ethic and work quality. I would readily hire Lamplighter again."

Larry Gerstein, Championship Catering

"Lamplighter was a joy to work with! Rachel is knowledgeable & listens to your unique business concerns. Lamplighter has helped the Missouri Craft Distillers' Guild better utilize marketing tools and online platforms. We can't thank her enough for sharing her expertise with us and helping many craft distilleries improve their marketing & public presentation!"

Sarah Miller, Missouri Craft Distillers Guild

"Thank you, Rachel, for working with us as we opened our Mellow Mushroom! Your role with our opening and social media played a huge part in our success! I highly recommend Rachel for your social media needs!"

Tammi Hilton, Mellow Mushroom

"I recently hired Rachel to run ecommerce Facebook ads. She was very detail oriented and helped keep me organized with the tasks I needed to do. I could tell she had a vested interest in my project and I wasn’t just another client on her to-do list. She took time to research my target audience as well as my competitors.
I hired Rachel for her analytical skills so she could help me analyze the data but she also ended up helping me to find clarity with the products I needed to sell and how to display them on the site. Our ads had a higher than normal conversion rate so I would say this was a successful campaign. I enjoyed working with Rachel and Lamplighter marketing."

Amanda Smith, Inspired With Amanda

"Rachel has done a fantastic job helping me on my client accounts. She is an intuitive marketer and always delivers high-quality work on time. She is great at communicating with me and quickly understood my needs and how she could bring the most value."

Debbie Ward, Silver Tablet Marketing

"Rachel put together an amazing social media strategy for our business that was very thorough and full of examples to get started quickly. She followed up throughout the process with updates and walked us through the final report to ensure we were confident with the approach. We will definitely be recommending her services to others and will be engaging her and her team again in the future!"

Dan Gracey, Never Gravity

Hey there,

I’m Rachel Greeno, founder of Lamplighter Marketing and currently the top dog walker on staff. I function as our Senior Strategist, while running the day-to-day operations of Lamplighter. I also create viral content for my client’s Instagram & TikTok accounts, co-host a podcast, serve as the CMO for the networking app, SBX (Social Business Experience), and juggle being a mom to my newborn. To say I’ve had my fair share of being overworked and overwhelmed would be an understatement.
Time has definitely never been on my side – and as a business owner, I often found that I needed systems, graphics, copy, and general tasks for my business done FAST, or I would lose out on deals, contracts, and customers. I also noticed that many social media strategies seem to take days, if not weeks, to implement – and ain’t nobody got time for that!
So, I created my VIP Day offerings: aka Done-In-A-Day intensives. Each one of my VIP Days is thoughtfully designed and meticulously planned out, so that you get the best possible experience with the best possible results – all in the least amount of time possible.
Browse all my Done-In-A-Day packages here, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to set up a call with me to discuss your needs – I’m sure we can work something out!
Oh, and if done-in-a-day services aren’t your style, don’t sweat it! We also offer monthly retainers for marketing consulting, social media management, and pay-per-click ads.

Chat soon,