Discover your ideal customers, get a customized social media plan,

or take your ad campaigns from zero to 60 – all done in one business day.

(Yep, we said ONE.)

Complete a month’s worth of content in a single day

Refine the perfect tone & voice for your brand in a single day

Develop the best ad strategy for your biz in a single day

What if you could accomplish days or week’s worth of work in one day, without the frustration? Wouldn’t it be better than a Jamaican Vacation to be able to have someone guide you through the process of discovering your ideal audience, mapping out your strategy, and setting up all the techy bits? And on top of that, getting it 100% DONE in one business day?

Can I get an Amen?

While I know that a Jamaican Vacation sounds pretty good right about now, we get that your business is one of the most important things in your life right now, and you want it to function as smoothly and as profitably as it can.

I’m a strategist at heart. My education was in PR and communications strategy, while my professional métier (don’t ask me to pronounce that) before Lamplighter centered around sales, Influencers, and social media. I know how to put together cohesive, complex marketing plans that would impress even the most jaded and marketing-weary consumers.

I also know that as a busy business owner, director, or marketing coordinator, you simply don’t have the bandwidth to craft a content strategy or set up your eCommerce systems – and you shouldn’t have to.

It’s time that I and my team handle all the nitty-gritty to-do list items for you, so that you can focus on your own realm of genius!
Chat soon,




for busy business owners & teams

"Our social media presence was almost non-existent before Lamplighter Marketing took over our Facebook page, and we weren't sure if ads were actually going to work for us. Rachel breathed new life into our social media and was able to grow our page where growth had been stagnant before. We also got great KPIs and results from our ad campaigns. Really happy with Rachel's work ethic and work quality. I would readily hire Lamplighter again."

Larry Gerstein, Championship Catering

"Lamplighter was a joy to work with! Rachel is knowledgeable & listens to your unique business concerns. Lamplighter has helped the Missouri Craft Distillers' Guild better utilize marketing tools and online platforms. We can't thank her enough for sharing her expertise with us and helping many craft distilleries improve their marketing & public presentation!"

Sarah Miller, Missouri Craft Distillers Guild

"Thank you, Rachel, for working with us as we opened our Mellow Mushroom! Your role with our opening and social media played a huge part in our success! I highly recommend Rachel for your social media needs!"

Tammi Hilton, Mellow Mushroom

"I recently hired Rachel to run ecommerce Facebook ads. She was very detail oriented and helped keep me organized with the tasks I needed to do. I could tell she had a vested interest in my project and I wasn’t just another client on her to-do list. She took time to research my target audience as well as my competitors.
I hired Rachel for her analytical skills so she could help me analyze the data but she also ended up helping me to find clarity with the products I needed to sell and how to display them on the site. Our ads had a higher than normal conversion rate so I would say this was a successful campaign. I enjoyed working with Rachel and Lamplighter marketing."

Amanda Smith, Inspired With Amanda

"Rachel has done a fantastic job helping me on my client accounts. She is an intuitive marketer and always delivers high-quality work on time. She is great at communicating with me and quickly understood my needs and how she could bring the most value."

Debbie Ward, Silver Tablet Marketing

"Rachel put together an amazing social media strategy for our business that was very thorough and full of examples to get started quickly. She followed up throughout the process with updates and walked us through the final report to ensure we were confident with the approach. We will definitely be recommending her services to others and will be engaging her and her team again in the future!"

Dan Gracey, Never Gravity

Done In A Day Packages

An a la carte sampling of our most popular VIP Days.


Ideal Customer Workshop

We’ll discover your top two ideal customer personas in a quick and dirty 2-hour workshop

Done-In-A-Day Content Strategy

We’ll develop a customized plan for your social media platforms, create a list of content ideas, and plug everything into an actionable content planning calendar



Done-In-A-Day Brand Messaging

We’ll develop the unique selling points, keywords, hashtag lists, and overall “vibe” for your brand

Done-In-A-Day Facebook Ads

We’ll build out your Top-of-Funnel ads for your product, service, or shop – complete with copy & creative



Funnel Fixer Intensive

We’ll diagnose problems with your existing funnel or map out a full, brand-spankin’ new eCommerce funnel that will work better for your business model

Done-In-Day eCommerce Set Up

We’ll connect your Shopify, WooCommerce, Square, or BigCommerce to Facebook Commerce Manager, and start selling on your Facebook and Instagram Shop



Business Manager Set Up

We’ll set up your Business Manager, install your pixel, and do all the “must haves” for successful Facebook & Instagram ads

How it Works

What does a typical VIP Experience look like?

Before your VIP Day

You’ll sign my Work Agreement, make your first payment, and we’ll set the date for your VIP day. I’ll have a form for you to fill out with all of the information that I need to get started on your preliminary research.

2 Weeks Prior to your VIP Day
We’ll hop on a scheduled Zoom call to talk about your business, your goals, your audience, etc. If you don’t know your Ideal Audience and have paid for my Ideal Customer Workshop, we’ll also schedule and complete the workshop at this time!
I’ll then take all that info and complete the audience research that I need in order for us to have a successful VIP Day!

On Your VIP Day

We’ll meet first thing in the morning and make sure that all my research is on track for your brand so far!

We’ll then break and I’ll take a deep dive into your accounts and start knocking out all your to-do list items. You can take this time to watch the training videos I’ve recorded you for – or take the day off and hit the golf course or spa and relax! I’ve got this…

At the end of the day, we’ll meet up again for a short recap to go over everything I’ve done and make any tweaks that you’d like.

Once I have your final approval, I’ll share all assets and deliverables that I’ve created with you via Google Drive.​ I’ll also upload any templates, calculators, checklists, training videos, and our meeting recordings to that folder.

After Your VIP Day

You’ll have email and WhatsApp access to me for questions, comments, or concerns for 30 days after our VIP Day.

60 days after our VIP Day, we’ll hop on one more 60-minute scheduled Zoom call where you can ask me anything! This 60 minutes is all yours, so if we need to hop into your accounts at this time, I’ll roll up my sleeves and we can do that!

We make working with us super simple:

Book a free, no-pressure Discovery Call with me and tell me all your woes.

On our call, I’ll help you choose the best VIP Day for your budget and goals

You’ll sign our Service Agreement & make the 1st payment, and we’ll book your VIP Day!

Why choose Lamplighter?

Planning & Strategy

Most ad strategists and small agencies will only provide ad management for audiences that you (the client) have already solidified. We do a deep dive into the why’s, what’s, how’s, and who’s surrounding your brand at the beginning of every single relationship.

Data-driven + Storytelling focus

Our strategies are based on extensive research and data. We meld this research with original and persuasive storytelling, which results in content that pulls in more traffic and keeps your ideal audience engaged with your products and brand.


Communicate directly with me, not an account manager. I also don’t piece-meal tasks to overseas subs or interns – I handle all facets of your strategy from start to finish.

Steady organic growth

Organic social media is one of my passions, so don’t worry about not having a huge budget for ads if your business isn’t there yet. My Content Strategies focus on steady, strategic growth – so eventually you can afford those ads.

Ethical strategies

We don’t use spammy outreach tactics or bots, and we don’t buy followers. Those tactics actually hurt brands over time. The strategies we use are FAR more effective with growing your brand, and will only help your business when you start running ads or selling more online.

We have zombie cats

They’re cute. They could kill you. What more could you want?

Read more about what sets us apart on our About Us page.

Book your spot & let the good times roll

Don’t miss your chance – I only schedule 8 VIP Days per month. Let’s give you back your time, take away your frustration, and make some magic happen!

Need more info before taking the next step?

ask me anything!*

Does booking a Discover Call require me to work with you?
Nope. The call is just to discover if we’re a good fit for each other, and to find out which VIP Day is the best choice for your business as it stands. I’ll look at everything going in your brand before suggesting a particular VIP Day or solution.
How do I prepare for my VIP Day?
When you book a VIP Day with me, you get an actionable checklist and onboarding guide that outlines every little task you’ll have to do to prepare for our day. Our main goal with a VIP Day is to take the stress off of you as much as possible, so regardless of the Day, your checklist of tasks will be very small and manageable.
Do you facilitate all your VIP Days?
Currently, I am the sole provider when it comes to VIP Days. I have a team for my ad and organic social retainer services, but when you book a VIP package, you book a day of my individualized, focused energy on your brand.
Can you guarantee that your strategies will bring me oodles of business?
There are no guarantees in life. There are soooo many factors that go into strategy, ads, sales funnels, and basically every facet of marketing that I’d be silly to guarantee a specific return. That said, I’ve been doing this a long time, and I do know that every client that works with me has seen an improvement in their marketing, as well as gained clarity that they didn’t previously possess.
Do you offer payment plans?
Yep, we do! I try to make my packages as accessible as possible. I offer 2-payment options if the reserved date is far enough in advance, and for eligible small businesses, I offer a 3-payment option.
Do you offer other VIP Days that aren’t listed on this page?
Sure, yes, of course! I create custom VIP Day experiences all the time. If you have a particular marketing issue you’re struggling with and you’re curious to see if I can help, send me an email.

Jim and Sarah came away from their content strategy feeling confident in their ability to run an engaging social media strategy

Less Confusion. More Results.

No, you’re not asleep. But yes, this is a dream…a big, beautiful dream that’s on the brink of becoming your reality.

What We Do

My team and I help eCommerce, product-based, hospitality, and food & beverage brands attract their ideal customers and scale their revenue with social media marketing and Done-In-A-Day strategic planning services.