Hi, I’m Rachel

Founder & CEO of Lamplighter Marketing,

a boutique marketing agency that helps product, food, & beverage brands flourish with social media

While working in corporate PR, I noticed something…

So many marketing agencies preach that their particular services are the Be-All End-All when it comes to helping businesses promote themselves and their products. In my early career I watched myriads of small brands get swept up in this myth that suchnsuch service was all they needed to succeed at marketing – and because these brands put all their eggs in one basket and shoved all other marketing methods aside, their marketing typically ended up lacking in a crucial area. Now, don’t get me wrong: social media strategy and marketing IS my passion and my expertise – but I wanted to create an agency that took a realistic “whole healthy marketing” approach. A business where I could support my clients with my services, but not lead them to believe that I had the ONLY solutions they would EVER need. Thus, Lamplighter Marketing came to be.

Most days now you’ll find me plotting out my next VIP Day or training. When I’m not busy working with clients or managing my team, you can find me walking my lab-great dane mix, Tuck, enjoying my favorite sushi, or visiting the local beaches with my husband.

Want to know more about me? See my team’s bios below!

What makes us different

from other social media marketing companies?


Most ad strategists and small agencies will only provide ad management for audiences that you (the client) have already solidified. We do a deep dive into the why’s, what’s, how’s, and who’s surrounding your brand at the beginning of every single relationship.


The foundation of all our work is original and persuasive storytelling that showcases your unique product and why your brand came to be. Expect my team to encourage growth outside of your comfort zone and get ready to show up on social media in all your unfettered glory.


I have an education and background in public relations, product launches, and general marketing, and I’ve worked in several industries – as have my team members. We’re what you might call “well-rounded.”


Our business is made up of 80% product-based brands and food & beverage brands. We have experience selling both high and low-ticket products, so you can have confidence when you hire my team to run your ads or sell your products online.


Facebook & Instagram marketers are a dime a dozen. Agencies that are experienced in both the Facebook and Pinterest ecosystems are harder to find.


For ads clients, I begin every single new relationship by dialing in your top-performing audiences, then taking your ads through a Rapid Fire Testing process to validate funnels BEFORE we build them out – which saves you both $$ and frustration.


Organic social media is one of our passions, so don’t worry about not having a huge budget for ads if your business isn’t there yet. I focus on steady, strategic growth – so eventually you can afford those ads.


We don’t use spammy outreach tactics or bots, and we don’t buy followers. Those tactics actually hurt brands over time. The strategies we use are FAR more effective with growing your brand, and will only help your business when you start running ads or selling more online.


If you’re focused on followers, Likes, and clicks, we may not be the agency for you. We look past the shallow, vanity metrics and focus on the larger picture such as sales, overall engagement, and growth trends. Instead of page Likes, we’ll focus on whether your followers are engaged with your message and ready to buy.


Unlike most agencies that take three weeks to get ads or socials up and running, we can get you there – and accomplish your entire marketing shopping list, too – in one business day. See my full list of Done-In-A-Day services here, and let’s get your to-do list taken care of!

Get to know my team!


Enneagram personality type: 7w8

My professional background:I’m a social media marketing strategist with a corporate background in a number of industries, including public relations, higher education, cosmetics, event planning, retail, and the food & beverage industry. I founded Lamplighter in 2017 and have loved the ride thus far! Fun fact: before starting my own agency, I supplemented my marketing jobs by bartending in a multitude of places, from neighborhood dives to high-end wine bars.

I’m obsessed with: all things sushi, thin crust pizza, craft cocktails, & low-rise skinny jeans (yes, I said it)

Tools I can’t live without:Canva, Later, Clickup, & InShot

On the weekends, you’ll find me: practicing martial arts, shopping at a local farmer’s marketing, or beachin’ with my husband


Enneagram personality type: 7

My professional background: I started my professional career as a dental assistant, transitioned into an administrative assistant, then fell in love with social media as a marketing assistant. Helping people and businesses is my passion and has been a part of my journey all along! I have been working as a digital marketing specialist for the last three years and have a passion for social media (mainly Pinterest), ecommerce, and graphic design!

I’m obsessed with: Coffee shops, business, graphic tees with pithy sayings on them, planners & journals, MUSIC & singing, my family, nature, animals, roasted veggies, sushi, sour beers & breweries.

Tools I can’t live without: my planner, Canva, Hootsuite, my bullet journal

On the weekends, you’ll find me: Hanging out with my family, running around Charleston, or watching 80s movies on the couch while eating Chinese food!


(the quick and dirty)


Product-Based Shops


Food & Beverage





Social Media Strategy is my obsession

Nothing else quite compares to seeing business owners’ faces light up when I’m teaching them about how to strategically position themselves on social media, how to tell their story, how to set up a killer ad funnel, or how to easily grow their social platform of choice.

If you’ve been on the hunt for a strategy and value-based social media agency, it’s time to chat!